Matthias Hoene

Matthias is a multi award wining commercials and film director known for his epic visual storytelling style, unique take on the world and being at home with both elaborate special effect creations as well as intimate performance based films. His versatile approach to each project is united by the desire to take the viewer on an exciting emotional journey they will never forget.
Born in Singapore and raised in Berlin, Matthias grew up in a multicultural environment and worked as an illustrator and concept artist while he was still at school. He specialized in Film and Advertising at Central St Martin’s college in London and on the back his award winning graduation shorts, he was snapped up by Partizan straight out of college and tapped up to direct the music video ‘Star 69’ for Fatboy Slim.
Shortly after, at the tender age of 22, Saatchi and Saatchi commissioned his first commercial, a cheeky canine adventure for Club 18-30. It went on to win a Golden Lion in Cannes and set Hoene up as a major talent in the world of commercials. Since then he has been busy directing visionary campaigns for clients like Guinness, O2, Saab, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Playstation, EA Games, McCain, Kelloggs, Chase Bank, Dyson, Nissan, Ford and the BBC.
His meticulous yet light hearted approach has earned his spots awards for direction, special effects, use of dialogue as well as production design.
He has also studied acting (Central School of Drama), design, cinematography and script development rounding him off as a versatile storyteller able to create worlds and convey any emotion or story on the big and small screen.
Most recently his epic Giff Gaff commercial through Fallon took over entire 3 minute ad breaks and showed that Matthias is at home with both thrilling storytelling as well as heart warming quirkiness and humour, all presented with cinematic and evocative imagery. The spot was part of APA’s ‘Best Commercials of 2013’.
His first feature film, the horror comedy ‘Cockneys vs Zombies’ enjoyed a successful cinema run and won multiple audience awards around the world. He developed his next original feature idea, a Sci-fi thriller called ‘Capsule’ with screenwriter Ian Shorr and has set the film up with Hutch Parker (The Wolverine) at 20th Century Fox. The project has been featured on the Blacklist, Hitlist and Bloodlist as one of the best unproduced Hollywood screenplays of 2013. Shooting is set to begin in 2014.